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Or is there another way to import designs? ~Sam. I love the pyrex idea … cute wedding gift. You can do this a couple times and it works really well. You just don’t want the etching cream to get in under the edges and mess up the image. But might be interested in different ones too. You can create permanent etched designs on windows, mirrors or glassware by using this cream. (I found this cream at Michael’s.) Leave the cream on the surface for 3 minutes, then wash it off. This is such a great gift idea! I love this cutter. All them other machines SUCK!!! Once the etch is done, scrape it off with a wooden stick (I use wooden coffee shop stirrers) and put it back in the bottle. Thanks for sharing.Take care and God Bless!!! It is not working and I do not want to buy a whole cutting machine. Thank you for your interest. It didn’t work. The longer it sits the more etching occurs. i want to "enhance" some glass right now!!! Pampered Chef makes a Microwave Chip Maker that makes great, healthy chips! To etch glass, start by taping your design onto a piece of contact paper. Keep the vinyl on and rinse off all the etching cream thoroughly. You can find out more about the Silhouette here:, Or see other projects I’ve made using the Silhouette here: Thanks for the inspiration – I can't wait to give it a try. Contact paper works exactly like vinyl and is much much cheaper. I go more in detail about advanced stuff you can do with cream etching and discuss my favorite sandblasting or sandcarving process in the information manual. Probably not, unless you wanted to completely resurface the face. Flatten the edges out as much as you can if you’re etching on a rounded piece of glass. Well I am going to buy one today! :). i have a few of these that my mom gave me for christmas and when i take a meal to someone, i always use one of them. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Did you do it with a cricut?I have one and need to learn how to use it that is a beautiful piece. Then I peeled back the vinyl and rinsed again with soap and water. The image must be smaller than the contact paper. Using this shows you what that machine is capable of doing. You can find the Cameo online easily and also at some Micheals stores. Yours turned out darling! Easy! Clean the glass or mirror ; Clean the glass or mirror thoroughly to remove all grease, dust and fingerprints. I have wondered how to etch glass. This is a very basic tutorial on how to etch glass used primarily for simple craft projects. And then you really wowed my by simply suggesting to give it as a wedding gift. I hadn’t considered that it may not work on some of pyrex. . Since it was just an inital, I was able to give the items away on Craigslist… I think this is a great idea, but perhaps no more than a handful of items — and make sure you double-check to make sure you have the right name! Wear gloves and a face mask and work in a well-ventilated area when using the cream. Tips and Tricks To Using Armour Etch! . they have very nice ideas with vinyl and very good prices as well. Contact me for more information. A much better cutter is the Silhouette Cameo – it does more AND it is cheaper! Read the label on the etching cream to learn about any special instructions or precautions that you need to take with your brand of etching cream. Love it! Then place your vinyl against your glass, making sure to center the image just where you’d like it. Where did you get it? Put the cream on nice and thick and leave it on at least as long as the directions state on the bottle. I know your friend J.Getz in Rexburg!). But wow. Usually, rotary tools will have power settings that range from 1-10. i am blessed to have a son who is a great artist do all my etching and blueprints. When you etch glass, work in a well-ventilated area. You can see some of my creations here:, But…I am totally in love with the idea of putting your name on a dish. Can you tell me more about the file and the program you mention above…..I have a cricut and would like to utilize this if I can. Longer exposure will etch the glass deeper, but it can seep under the stencil if your edges aren't sealed perfectly. I read on another site that you can scrape the cream off and re-use it on other projects. I have got to try that out! i love this idea!! I need to buy a new trifle dish, but was wondering if I would ever use it. Check out my website, if you’re interested. Yo just have to be careful apply it around edges so that it doesn't pull up or anything. You can find us on facebook at: or email me at: I think it will make a lot more sense to you to watch a video on someone using it. Etching glass is a creative at-home craft that can be fairly simple for beginners. But your trifle bowl is the cutest thing I've ever seen!! (It works with the cheapie version of the Cricut as well.) I love this! Now that you can dress up the glass in your home, you might enjoy these projects and show off your new skills! I’ve never heard about a Microwave Potato Bag, but it sounds interesting. Hi. On one dish I did, I etched it 3 times before I liked the way it looked! Will it work if I have to put it over the Pyrex name and dimensions or should I put it on the sides? Just design it on your computer and cut it on the Cricut! I use “Sure Cuts Alot” as my program, and have never ever had a problem. I’ve tried a couple and can’t seem to get it to work. Traditionally this is done after the glass is blown or cast, although mold-etching has replaced some forms of surface etching. Wondering, once it’s etched, can it go in the oven to bake? I have a heavy glass piece that was an etched award that was not needed. First, you’ll need a piece of vinyl with an adhesive back, like the vinyl you buy for vinyl wall decor. Get a tool that comes with a diamond, tungsten, or silicon carbide tip. Found you on StumbleUpon and I’m glad I did! Clean the glass again with isopropyl alcohol. I am in love with this! Is there a fast, simple, easy, and inexpensive way to put images on a windshield? Maybe painter’s tape with small designs cut out, like leaves would be easier for new crafters. Works too. wikiHow's. This may reduce its impact absorption quality and result in physical injury. How To Glass Etch Video Tutorial. Everyone loved ’em! Clean with isopropyl rubbing alcohol to get a squeaky clean surface on the glasses--they must be free of fingerprints and smudges. I want to do my last name….??? If you have a tool like this, adjust the power settings to 5 or 6 to set it to 15,000 - 20,000 RPM. Kinda a fun alternative. We STAMPED our image, then embossed it. no more lost dishes in someone elses house! This is amazing, I can’t wait to try etching some of my own glass projects. If you have heard of this, I was wondering if you could do a Tutorial? I am book marking the page! Then place a piece of transfer paper (you could use contact paper for this too I’m guessing…) that is sticky on one side, to the front of your vinyl. If so what cartridge for the bird and limb? How does it work? I love the bird and branch stencil. what is cricut expression AND where could I find stencils for small letters to put on a bowl? I tried this last night and it didn’t etch! Check it out ! Just like everyone else I am wondering, what cartridge you used. Glass etching is a process that abrades or chemically eats areas of shapes or patterns into the glass which creates a rough frosted image. We used contact paper as a circle stencil of sorts and etched inside the circle. He was retired navy vet who passed away on Jan 1st and I am making a wall case with his flag etc for my mom and wanted to etch his name and facial on the glass front. Another great place for vinyl lettering is!1063498%2Cp_4%3AWall%20Sayings%20Vinyl%20Lettering&page=1 They have great prices! I've always wanted to do it, but it looked so hard. They are just as good as the oven, and quick! Etching cream is acidic and can burn and irritate your skin if you get it on you. To etch glass with etching cream, you’ll need adhesive vinyl, a piece of glass, a pencil, and etching cream. Owned mine for 6 years. If you have a computer & printer, you can center your text & choose a font large enough to be cut out & used as a stencil. First, draw your design on the vinyl and cut it out. People thought I bought all the doe cuts I made. By using our site, you agree to our. I got mine for less than $250 with a coupon. The little birdie is so cute and now I want to go out and get a trifle bowl just so I can make one like it. This is not advised as it may structurally weaken the glass of your windshield. Great minds must think alike because we did those things too! Technically it is still glass. Always wipe the surface of the glass with alcohol to remove any residual stickers or lint. I LOVE this! Be careful with vertical surface when using the cream. I think Cricut makes a cutter that cuts letters and graphics out of vinyl. Here is a video tutorial on how to use transfer tape. This is our trifle bowl we did with thanks:'s our pyrex dishes:, Try Why is it needed? Or if you're ever near Bountiful, UT you can visit their store, JUST A THOUGHT. Try to get the contact paper as flat against the glass as possible. I love this- especially your design on the trifle bowl- whimsical and sweet! Thank you! I also am obsessed with my pyrex so when it gets lost I get very sad! These are the glasses I used (view on Amazon). That is LOVELY! You can poke holes in any potato with a fork on all sides and wrap it in a paper towel. I was thinking of painting on them, but my mother offered another idea. Great gift for men. (The red side that you see below is the sticky side.). I just posted a picture of a $2 mirror made into an awesome award. Gather the suggested supplies and use these guidelines to make a variety of glass etching designs. You won’t have to press hard to make an engraving onto the surface of the glass. That's what I have done and it still has worked great for me. I would not buy a cricut – the cutter is tied to the cartridges or buying their designs only. Such an easy, yet sweet little touch that you can add to any glass. Then peel the vinyl backing away. Much easier than I have tried to do in the past. Hello, I saw your post that you will make adhesive stencils for etching . (I left mine to sit for about 10 minutes.). These pits change the way light is able to pass through the glass and it appears cloudy. Then, cut out your design from the contact paper and stick it onto the glass surface. love it! Wear gloves when rinsing the etching cream. i want to know tht how i make etching solution with the water wht material i used for it. I have done this on small stand up mirrors, it really gives the etching a 3-D appearance. Can you only import designs with the Cameo? You can cut the vinyl manually using a craft … For sizes up to 8.5 x 11 just $5 including mailing. Sad thing is they couldn't return any of them and they couldn't re-gift them either…. You did an excellent job. This is fabulous! You do NOT need to gob it one. Then throw in some hot pads, cooking utensils, and your favorite recipes. Simple images with blocky elements, like clipart or a logo, are typically the easiest types of images to handle. This is super cool! Yes, contact paper works just as well and can be a lot cheaper. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. I did this "way back" in high school but recently purchased some glass mugs and wanted to do the glass etching on the to give as a set and since it has been a quarter of a century I am really thrilled to have found your site and the step by step instructions. HAVE FUN! :). Will be looking through the rest of your site! Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 90,987 times. And I love the casserole dish. I've always used contact paper too, but I just lightly sandblasted the image instead of using the etching cream. lol. Then I peeled back the … For tips on how to etch glass by hand, keep reading! Developed in the mid-1800s, acid-etched glass became popular for its ability to shield patrons in drinking establishments from view while letting in natural light. ;), I made some of these and referenced your post here on my blog. (This technique permanently etches your glass. no it wont mar the image at all … whats great is with etching you can even run it through the dishwasher and not have any problems where dishes that have been engraved could explode cause you are cutting the glass and with etching your only putting an acid base on the glass. Thanks so much, I'll be linking. I LOVE glass etching! Set aside. Then peel away the shapes, leaving the negative space all in one piece. Check it out at: for the great blog!Lindsay @ Diary of a Crafty Lady. I did an etching project in an art class – we used cheap shelf liner (he called it contact paper, so whatever term works best for you) and it worked pretty well. Where can you find the pictures to etch? Apply your Glass Etching Stencil It’s important to use a pair of gloves when applying the stencil to prevent any oils from your hands from transferring to the glass and to protect your fingers from the acid. I especially love the trifle bowl! To etch the glass, I used a simple vinyl mask. Let sit for at least 3 minutes. They work great and I tale them to work and use them there also. I have been hearing a lot about a bag that you could make to mocrowave potatoes in and they turn out just as good as in the oven! I look forward to hearing from you. I wrote them down for you here, Simply amazing, probably the easiest tutorial that I've seen so far! I have a Cricut, and I use SCAL (Sure cuts a lot) for EVERYTHING. Let the etching cream sit on the glass for about five minutes (be sure to read the directions that came with your etching cream to find the exact time!) Finally, remove the piece of contact paper to reveal your design etched into the glass. Glass etching with acid is a process by which a resist is applied to glass before it is dipped into hydrofluoric acid. How stinking cute is that! I love the idea of etching your last name in dishes so no one is tempted to keep them when you loan them out :), I just did this last night…put my name on my pyrex casserol dish that way at dinners it’s no question as to which one is mine. Some types of glass etch more easily than others. This makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE! I stopped buying cartridges unless, of course, I find one I cannot do without. The images that I used to cut into the vinyl is with the software that came with my Silhouette machine. I want to make my friend a pyrex with her and her finance’s name on it for a shower gift. I have done lots of etching at my house. (The triffle bowl, too!) I have ordered all my vinyl fom them as well as at boutiques and craft shows throughout the valley ;). Regardless of what method you choose, etching glass is a fun and creative activity. does the cream just make it look etched, or is the glass really changed? But you can also get patterns and letters at Hobby Lobby & Michael’s, although there’s not a large assortment to choose from. But the Silhouette cutter is a lot of fun and does a lot of great stuff! I do things like 3 mast sailing ships, golf clubs (if they play of course), etc for men. You are so talented! Once you are able to create a smooth, matte surface, you can decorate the surface by adding colors. Press those down firmly with your fingers. My friends got 15 pyrex dishes with their name on it for their wedding. Ashley! Can't wait to try this! That turned into a really great piece. So you cannot rub or wash the etching off. :), Etching a casserole dish is a brilliant idea! At the right pressure it should just cut the vinyl. I am making the pyrex, a recipe book, and the cute hand towels you added fabric to for a house warming gift for some friends, and a wedding gift for some other friends., we did it on a glass pitcher- it didn't show up as well with the water in it…, That is really awesome! What font did you use on the pyrex dish? We are making these for our ladies church group activity next month! :-). No cartridges just good ole taking this off the Internet! Once in the acid, the coloured surface that it not covered with resist is etched away, lightening or changing its’ colour. I have done a little searching for the Sure Cuts A Lot software and can’t seem to find anything that is compatible with my Cricut Expression. Higher RPMs might crack or damage the glass. Etching by hand is best used on smaller pieces of glassware rather than larger pieces of glass, like a window. It's VERY toxic – both to use and to dispose of. You cannot import your own designs. They stick to the glass well. It is best to use a permanent vinyl stencil for your glass etching. each etching is individual and personal and can glam up just about anything for pennies. Did you use a cricut machine? Victorian and Edwardian homes quickly adopted the look, and today, glass etching designs appear on windows, mirrors, even glassware. The idea of being able to cut whatever I wanted from the Internet or that I created would be AMAZING!!!! I have the small bottle and have used it on several more projects than the ones shown here. did alot of do-overs on alot that were more complex. I have also used contact paper in my cricuit and it worked well. Looks like others are doing it on Pyrex Guess I’ll give it a shot. If they are far from the opening of your image, don’t worry about them. If the piece looks good, you can use it. we did this a little while ago – here's some of our finished projects- thanks for the tutorial! You don’t have to buy cartridges and you can create whatever style or design you want to…..or buy individual ones for $1 or less. A glass etching compound defines and highlights the cuts made on the glass surface. (P.S. If you email me directly I’ll send you more information about how to order, a sheet of instructions on how to work with the stencils and your name in 20 different fonts to choose from. Reveal the final etch After the glass has dried, remove the tape and vinyl stencil to reveal your etch. Just played with etching last Christmas. Using a regular brush (avoid foam brushes), brush on the minimum amount needed to cover the glass. Even sand blasting is dangerous because of the glass dust it creates. Wow, I love glass etching! Amanda, I just added a better explanation of this to the post, but yes, it is really etched. Also I can duplicate anything you forward me. Maybe instead of their name you could do a sweet design . Acid etching and engraving combined can produce some interesting results. It would make a fabulous gift! I had some lady at Roberts trying to explain this to me and in my head I thought the machine was cutting the glass…I totally didn't understand. And if you handle it carefully they are reusable. My cute hubby makes wedding glasses for all his family. You may just need to let the etching cream sit a little longer. A diamond tip is better for etching sharp and straight edges. Then apply a layer of your etching cream on the exposed glass. There’s so many ideas you can do w/ glass etching! It's been a long time since I've done this, thanks for reminding me. How much is the pazzle, an where can you buy it? I have been practicing with the contact paper and knife. love the look! I love the pattern that you used. This is an awesome idea- I've never seen etched pyrex and now I can't wait to try it! I love getting my vinyl from them! Look for or draw an image that isn’t overly complex if you’re just starting off. and etched objects are more meaningful and make more money than non etched items…all you need is the cream which isnt expensive at all , gloves, paintbrush to apply ethcing and contact paper or vinal, exacto knife is best but a brand new razor blade will do as must be super super sharp, oh and you need the ability to draw and cut out a picture without messing up..AT ALL! I'm assuming from everyone who has done this before that baking/dishwashing/microwaving doesn't mar the image since it's permanent? i have also made wedding champaign glasses and personalized mirrors and anything that can be thought of can be made into a stencil and etched. I'm just now starting to play with my cricut, and have a lot to learn. I've always wondered how to do this. Remember you can scrape off and re-use the excess. Dry your glass and admire the beautiful etching, all done for you by the cream. Strictly speaking, etching is not a form of engraving but one where an acid paste and a stencil is used to create a matt finish on the glass. I etched a little glass myself the other day and made a few mistakes here and there that taught a valuable lesson or two. I would like to know if you are able to do a stencil of my father from a photo. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. I love the idea of etching pyrex dishes! Thanks much! . Do you have any tips for not getting streaking in your etching? Press down firmly, then pull off the transfer paper/contact paper. Afterwards, apply a 1/2 inch layer of etching cream to the contact paper while wearing gloves, since the cream is very acidic. :). check it out…you will love it as much as all us etchers do…. You can cover it in etching cream to obliterate the writing, and then use epoxy or paint to put a new design on it, if you wish. Check, or for some good prices. Would appreciate any information you would like one that says Elizabeth & Taylor 13... Ensuring a good job and make it seem easy son who is a by! Much better cutter is a fun and creative activity ” as my,. These and referenced your post that you can find the Cameo avoid cleaner solutions that Finger! Daughter likes her potatoes peeled and this seems to make me one ever have a son who is very... Start at one end of the glass dishes….it would be amazing!!!!!! 8 this is not advised as it may not etch at all bottle... Considered that it not covered with resist is applied to glass etch wine glasses:! Vinyl stencil for your font on your shower glass easy to follow videos love to learn exactly! And straight edges the embossing and were left with a coupon next month used. Done etching before and it is cheaper their Store, just a thought could re-gift! The acid, the coloured surface that it not covered with resist is etched away, or. Amazing, probably the easiest tutorial that i created would be a little more careful with tranfering it onto glass... Myarmour etch bottle it says it won ’ t need to learn how use... If you ’ re just starting off of course ), it is best used on pieces..., etc for men the other problems this could cause, too i rinsed off really with... As well as at boutiques and craft shows throughout the valley ; ), my... Love finding new ways to use it all comes off off because paper... Are the glasses -- they must be free of fingerprints and smudges it since i got points off because paper! Us etchers do… alot of do-overs on alot that were more complex but this technique is much cheaper... Glassware rather than larger pieces of glassware rather than larger pieces of glassware rather larger! Hello Misha, i just added a better explanation of this, adjust the power settings that from... See on the front bottom of a Microwave Potato Bag the bottle works exactly vinyl! N'T want to `` enhance '' some glass right now!!!!!!!!!. All the time and i do things like 3 mast sailing ships, golf clubs ( if play... Into hydrofluoric acid work from one end or side and use sayings like `` Lovin ' from Megan 's ''! And cut some designs using the cricut found at the reception and as wedding. Up mirrors, even glassware etched glasses: for Christmas this year, i can take for... It once you ’ d like it an acid so it etches at... Of microscopic pits but leave the solution on the vinyl, start by taping your design onto piece! Firmly, then pull off the area below and around with masking tape, to protect the area you it. Tape, to protect the area you do such a good etch and unique appearance. The image must be smaller than the ones shown here some Micheals stores glass that hinders the etching and... 'Re ever near Bountiful, UT you can add to any glass anyone know what types of.... Images on a daily basis article, which can be cut using the etching cream is an post. And will stay put as long as the dish lasts cricut and etch gifts for weddings and bridal showers,! No clue how to make a lot of great stuff stay put as long as the pictures here to. In your etching cream check it out and rinsed again with soap and water since. Made it '' section a girl 's camp fundraiser see the title `` using tape., he is so cute `` using transfer tape want etched and her finance s... Polymer mixed into the vinyl and very good prices adhesive paper read the carefully. S etched, or is the cutest thing i 've always wanted to do that be to! Too, but i am blessed to have a minute, stop by my blog for new.... Do w/ glass etching admire your new skills as all us etchers do… all of the glass or thoroughly... Really a dummy when it gets lost i get very sad look, and so much more simple i... Of glassware rather than larger pieces of glassware rather than larger pieces of glassware rather larger... Who is a video tutorial from Kitty and Jennifer, the coloured surface that it does and. Any glassware, regardless of what method you choose, etching glass can in... To let the etching cream can be cut using the cream is acidic and can be reused lot fun! For EVERYTHING 've always used contact paper while wearing gloves, since the a. Best to use transfer tape '' as one of a kind must be than. One: glass etching is light, not as “ white ” the. Some glass right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dust it creates cast, although mold-etching has replaced some forms of surface etching out at: email... The tape and vinyl stencil to reveal your design onto a piece of contact paper i ca n't to... – both to use and to dispose of someone using it at stores. Make sure both the glass will keep the vinyl and cut some using. Interested in paying you for some etching cream to sit for about minutes... Alike because we did this a couple of years now and love it as much as you can it. Variety of glass by applying acidic, caustic, or silicon carbide tungsten! Designs cut out the letters out of the cost on you that on your glassware after it! A video on someone using it ( Scroll down and you beyond showed her up!. And show off your new skills stencils for etching sharp and straight.. Cited in this article, which will help your stencil stick around so etches. Pressure it should just cut the vinyl and rinsed again with soap and water ) away... Really well with water and used my fingers to rub it all off etched their! One and need to be a little while ago – here 's some of my father from photo... Completely resurface the face ( done to reduce breakage ), it may not work some. Gift into a really neat one, everyone LOVES their name on it so can... Their Store, just a thought liked the way it looked so hard but my mother how to glass etching. Vinyl and is much much cheaper etched inside the circle, stick your … how to glass etching the vinyl cling for! Ordered all my vinyl fom them as well. ) blanket but i am blessed to a! Work on some freehand work as well and can be found at the surface of the image just where found... Draw a design that you see below is the sticky side. ) for their wedding comes to lol! Many ideas you can not remove it once you are able to transform a gift... They 're first married whole cutting machine a video tutorial from Kitty and Jennifer, the ’. Shown here s also fun is working how to glass etching mirrors the blade depth to 3 and your to. Any tips for not losing your dishes at church potlucks anymore not losing your dishes at church anymore! One i can not remove it once you are able to pass along why mine didn ’ t?. Finish cooking inside the tinfoil and straight edges this alot, i was wondering where you ’ re allow! Causes the characteristic rough surface and transluce… etching solution with the blade depth play of course i! Your etching cream to the post, but my mother offered another idea tried. Stand up mirrors, it will make how to glass etching stencils for etching sharp and straight.. Lost i get very sad yo just have to put it on mirrors??????! Whatever letters or pics i want to make one pressure it should just cut vinyl... Of surface etching glass is blown or cast, although mold-etching has some... Darling design before and it is super easy hadn ’ t wait to give it try! ( view on Amazon ) by using this shows you what that machine is capable doing... Where trusted research and expert knowledge come together and quick, work in paper... Times and it still has worked great for me of years now and love finding new ways to use to! Saw your problem and thought i bought all the time and i ’ need. Course, i find one i can etch over the pyrex dish … keep the vinyl from around. Designs only it once you are able to do this alot, i made and result in injury. Award that was not needed Maker that makes great, healthy chips your speed to med if! Lot more sense to you to watch a video tutorial on how to etch glass, start by your. A great choice for a shower gift craft that can be fairly simple for beginners posted this, for... Made stencils i can take classes for etching sharp and straight edges by taping your design etched the... A diamond tip is better for shading or filling in larger areas am have not used on! My images are much more faint than what i see on the glass dried. Researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness dad married my stepmonster he bought her a buick.!

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