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Shortly after the birth, Charlie got to see Joel Goran (who had died) as he left. While in a coma, Charlie found himself talking to the dead and nearly-dead – and it changed him, as a man and as a doctor. The doctors of Hope Zion struggle to save their lives, while also dealing with the chaos of a mass casualty incident. Alex Reid's husband and father of her children. Is it correct to assume that was only a weekend visit? Thanks for this. PLEASE GET RID OF DAWN. Why so late at night. We did find out in enough time to try and build in enough of a cliffhanger. Pettle, who is already back at work with the Saving Hope writers breaking Season 5, confirmed that while Crewson’s Dana will return next year, this unfortunately was the end for Peter Mooney’s Dr. Jeremy Bishop who headed back to LA. Michael Shanks (Charlie) and Showrunner Adam Pettle discuss the series finale of Saving Hope. And who might be the victim of Tom? I REALLY WOULD LOVE TO SEE Sydney Katz Come Back on the show. Did you feel any pressure to top it? Saving Hope – K5 E17 Η Alex κι ο Charlie επισκέπτονται ένα παρεκκλήσι καθώς σχεδιάζουν τον γάμο τους, η νύφη, όμως, έχει μία άσχημη πτώση στα σκαλιά. I sobbed over Joel’s death and cried when Dr. Katz left. Then am encore of those episodes on Fridays 11pm and 12am. Aug 31, 12:39 am As we are all emotionality connected to Joel, this is a massive blow to the community. ***. AP: No, they are not married. 121 Comments on Saving Hope Series Finale “Hope Never Dies” Recap ADRIANA DINIZ SILVA // August 4, ... Again if charlie died in the first season, alex would of not shown up at the beach, where charlie was waiting. And after their last heartbreaking goodbye, it’s obvious Syd is the one for Maggie and they aren’t over each other. Season 4 just ended on ION. Obviously that’s not the case once we’ve fast forwarded in time, so will we see that brought up again next season? AP: Yes. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, she loves college football and is a fan of sports in general. He then comes to realize that he was in the car when they got into the accident. That ended earlier this year and they will be airing Season 5 as of now in Jan. 2017. Alex, Charlie, and Luke get into a car accident after a heroic moment, throwing their whole family into peril. More compassionate or gone! AP: Yes, I think it is safe to assume that. Leave it! . Other good things happening on the show, which, by the way, I love to watch. Sad right. She refuses to believe him, gets mad and storms off. Ambulances have surrounded the Fairmont Royal York. I wanted to see the love they had for each other and, finally, have a long life together married. Alex and Charlie. Were you surprised to see Tom? If you wanted the series to end with Charlie and Alex getting married then you got your wish. As of now Season 5 is slated to start midseason on CTV. Bring Sydney back! Saving Hope Series Finale “Hope Never Dies” Recap August 4, 2017 // 121 Comments If you wanted the series to end with Charlie and Alex getting married then you got your wish. Sound off in the comments below! Season 4 of Saving Hope literally ended with a bang on Sunday night as an unexpected visitor made a surprise visit. Bridget is always up for talking TV and you can follow her on twitter at @BridgetOnTV. It is the season finale of Saving Hope and a lot went down tonight with a cliffhanger that I called last week. Saving Hope (2012–2017 ... healthy, and hunky fireman dies suddenly at a Hope Zion Hospital fundraiser, Alex must take the stand at Hope Zion's Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) Rounds to find out what went wrong and who is to blame. I watch it on ION TV on Tuesdays – back to back and then Friday nights, reruns of Tuesday. However, in the U.S. ion TV has only aired through Season 3. Someone better not end up in a coma again next season… For the Love of humanities! Tom Crenshaw (Rookie Blue’s Travis Milne), the man who Charlie (Michael Shanks) discovered earlier this season had killed his wife, made a shocking return as he crashed the Hope Zion gala, gun in hand, and took a shot at Charlie and Alex (Erica Durance). Alex is being checked out but she is worried about Charlie and leaves in search of him. I have become totally addicted to this show. I would like to clear this up for all the people who somehow have not watched the episode. The end. If you Are in the US season 4 is on ION Tuesday nights at 11pm and 12am. Michael Shanks (Charlie) and Showrunner Adam Pettle discuss the series finale of Saving Hope… Oh please no more “will they/won’t they stay together” stuff for Alex and Charlie…like THAT worked so well in S.2 and S.3 ..worst two seasons of the 4…the best were 1 and 4 where Alex and Charlie’s love was strong and forever…, PLEASE don’t split them up again or bring in another “love interest”…Done, Done, DONE with those stupid Triangles…, Ghost stuff = good ….more Michael Shanks = Extra Good. But, I think you can help me. Will they or wont they is getting tired. Comcast Cable airs two new episodes back to back on Tuesday night, tne secon one actually airing on Wednesday midnight – 1am. Alex. OMG I’m so excited. I not only work in Television, but, I’m up to speed on time shifting, time zone issues, etc.,! About Saving Hope is a Supernatural/Medical drama about the Chief of Surgery at Hope Zion Hospital Dr. Charlie Harris, his fiancée and fellow surgeon Alex Reid, and surgeon Joel Goran.Charlie and Alex were on their way to their own wedding when they were in a car accident. Just as the audience was able to breathe a sigh of relief at Charlie recovering from brain surgery to remove a tumor, they must now wait until next season to find out the outcome of the shooting. So recently, in the Saving Hope season 3 finale. We then get those two episodes again on the weekend in case you missed, because it’s not on In Demand for some reason. Great show. In Saving Hope, when charismatic Chief of Surgery Charlie Harris at Toronto’s Hope Zion Hospital ends up in a coma, he leaves the hospital in chaos – and his fiancée and fellow surgeon, Alex Reid, in a state of shock. 29 talking about this. Tempers flare as Dev's med school rival, Billy Scott arrives at Hope Zion, while Alex breaks the rules and puts her job in jeopardy to help Manny save the life of an at-risk youth, and Charlie and Maggie treat an 1812 War re-enactor, whose complications align with the historical character he's playing. When they fail to save Charlie's life, his organs go to many of the accident victims, saving several lives. Tnanks a million! Editor in Chief Bridget Liszewski comes from a long line of TV Junkies who fostered her love of television from a very young age. Saving Hope is a Canadian supernatural medical drama television series set in Toronto in the fictional hospital Hope Zion. can’t wait for season 5. When I discovered this show last year, i bought a season on Amazon to catch up (they would only sell me the current season in tne US and last year’s. TTVJ: So who did Tom shoot and does this mean he remembers what happened when he was a ghost? Powers [ edit | edit source ] When he was in a coma in season 1 he astral projected so he basically became a ghost after he woke up he had the ability to see ghosts / astral projectors He then wakes up and realize that he can still see the dead. Who survived? Sadly, a severe head injury left Charlie brain-dead but before he dies spirit Charlie has a flash-forward in which he meets he and Alex’s grown-up daughter – who is a doctor like her parents and named Charlotte after her father – and learns an adult Luke is getting married. I’m beggin’ ION TV to keep this show on. In the next episode Charlie breaks up with Alex, after Luke suggests that he is still hanging around because he needs to protect Alex from Charlie. Totally agree with you! ... And will he be the same man if he wakes up? There have been a few ghosts that have remembered or have memories or flashes–like the kid who drew the picture of Charlie–so we have played with the idea that there are certain people who bring stuff back with them. Hope this helps! They have the perfect family! I want to know who got shot at the end of last week’s program, not knowing is making me nuts. Good chemistry…. Dr. Joel Goran was killed by a morter shell. In this same season, he tells Dr. Murphy, the psychiatrist, about his secret and sought treatment. Charlie died in the Series 5 finale after being pronounced brain dead after a car accident. AND… love the new psychiatrist…. Definitely think that ending was real now, but still a whole lot of possibilities for next season. A supernatural medical drama that centers around the lives of the doctors and nurses of Hope Zion Hospital. Alex and Charlie aren’t married are they? Is Maggie will have a memory too of what happened to her in the spirit world like the others? In more places or more acutely. They’ve got the best chemistry! Even Charlie (Michael Shanks) and Alex (Erica Durance) shippers couldn’t have seen that one coming. On Saving Hope, Hope Zion is placed under quarantine after a patient dies of a mysterious virus. I love the character of Sydney Katz and I love Stacey Farber. And I feel like Maggie needs more loving. Hope Never Dies. Tonight is episode 3 and 4 of season 4. Right now they are showing season 4 all over again. SAVING HOPE is a medical drama with a twist – one of our doctors sees ghosts. I soooo agree with you Roxi… Please don’t take Charlie or Alex off the show it will be so disappointing! We hope that she can find happiness in love. Why did Dr. Bishop have to leave? I’m happy that Dawn and Zach are together. The TV Junkies recently spoke with Saving Hope showrunner Adam Pettle to exclusively discuss Tom’s reappearance and what it means for Alex, Charlie and everyone else at Hope Zion. I thought she’d be with Dr. Lin. And, they must be together! TTVJ: On the other hand, Maggie worked really hard to find herself professionally this season, but she’s still pretty unhappy in her personal life. watched all episodes available and really love it, I think everyone is right that Charlie and Alex have gone thru fire to be together. When she is not in her office wear, she is either wearing a casual jean and a shirt or dress corporately. AP: Yes, they are just doing weekends. After three seasons of rock star surgeries, sexy love scenes and a professional roller coaster at Hope Zion, Dr. Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies) is just … gone. Glad to get a few straight answers. Will it still be seen on ion tv next season? I wouldnt want Dr (yuck) Williams changing my bedpan…, Kim’s Convenience Stars on the Magic Behind One of TV’s Best Friendships, Letterkenny Stars Give a Glimpse BTS of the Hit Comedy Series, Hudson & Rex’s Justin Kelly on the Show’s Tight-Knit Team, Letterkenny Stars Discuss Getting Into Character For Season 9, Hudson & Rex’s Mayko Nguyen Previews a Very Special Season Premiere, Letterkenny Stars on The Evolution of The Skids, Wynonna Earp Hints at What’s to Come in Season 4 at HomeCon, Once Upon a Time’s Emilie de Ravin on a Satisfying Ending to Season 6, Lost Girl’s Anna Silk is Eager to Reunite with Cast Mates and Meet Fans at ClexaCon 2018, Dietland Exclusive Video: Plum Talks to Steven About Dating, Wynonna Earp: Noelle Carbone Previews “Holy War Part One”, Motherland’s Amalia Holm Says Not to Count Scylla Out. In another vision spirit, Charlie witnesses a much older Charlotte and Luke by an elderly Alex’s bedside as she is about to die. And I think it’s a great way to see the BIG POSSIBILITIES that Sydney might come back and they’ll be together now, unlike other season or episodes where their just giving you some YES and NO drama of what they really are. In happier news, Dawn (Michelle Nolden) and Zach (Benjamin Ayres) worked through a misunderstanding and seemed happier than ever, and Dana (Wendy Crewson) reappeared and is doing well with her cancer treatments. Enough with everything happening with Alex and Charlie just let them be happy already! ION TV reruns same season. that will be good to see her “human” side. Alex is a tall, physically fit, and attractive Caucasian woman with long dark hair, hazel eyes, and a charming pearl-white smile. What will Alex do after? Luke's father is unknown and will continue to be unknown as Charlie has requested that they do not find out because Luke is his son no matter what. TTVJ: We saw Dawn and Zach returning from Vancouver. No word yet on the S4 ion premiere date. She's channeled that passion into covering both US and Canadian television shows, and is thankful everyday for the invention of the DVR. Directed by Jeff Woolnough. I love the show.can’t wait for next season. We’ll see. After a young, healthy, and hunky fireman dies suddenly at a Hope Zion Hospital fundraiser, Alex must take the stand at Hope Zion's Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) Rounds to find out what went wrong and who is to blame. He still sees ghosts and in Season 5 we are exploring that the removal of the tumor might not only mean that he still sees ghosts, but that he sees them even more. Charlie was put in a coma--and discovered that he could roam around the hospital in spirit form. TTVJ: When Alex was praying for Charlie to be alright she mentioned that she’s cursed and said she’d stay away from him. But is it safe to assume that we can’t have Saving Hope without the ghosts? Saving Hope Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Where can I watch season 4 the complete season. In Season 1 episode 12, he is given a Hail Mary procedure by Shahir and Alex, which triggers memories about the night of the accident when his parents died. I hated the ending. He helps them to crossover, whether it is to their death or back to life. Joel Goran was killed. I would love to see Maggie with Sydney. Who is Baby Luke’s father? Please… I want Sydney back…. Do you have any idea when it will air? He just assumed that they are, but they are not. Season 5, Episode 18 TV-14 CC HD CC SD. So, if I am correct, we are waiting for Season 4. Their wedding night is abruptly derailed by some traumatic déjà vu. Amen to that, she needs to be more human. KathyK-inTO // August 6, 2017 at 4:10 pm // Reply. When Joel is just about to leave he says "take care of them". HE DOESN'T WANT HER TO GIVE UP ON HIM, SAVING HOPE ALEX AND JOEL TALK ABOUT CHARLIE'S CHANCE OF SURVIVAL, SAVING HOPE DR. GORAN ARRIVES WITH HIS HAND IN SOMEONE'S CHEST, SAVING HOPE EVERYONE PREPARING FOR SURGERY BEFORE THE ACCIDENT, We didn’t want to try to compete with Joel (Daniel Gillies) blowing up–because that was so epic–but we wanted there to be a cliffhanger and something to come back to. Charlie is finally able to leave the hospital. Dr. Charles "Charlie" Harris, former orthopedic surgeon and Chief of Surgery at Hope Zion Hospital. He was promoted to chief of surgery after Dana Kinney didn't apply for a permanent term. Isn’t that only Season 3? Alex, Charlie, and Luke get into a car accident after a heroic moment, throwing their whole family into peril. In Season One, we followed Dr. Alex Reid (Erica Durance) as she struggled to save the life of her comatose fiancé, Chief of Surgery Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks). Saving Hope on CTV! I have been watching the show since Day 1 an if either one is off I don’t think I will be watching it anymore!! At the start of season 1, Charlie and Alex are shown in a taxi on their way to their wedding. Hope Never Dies. Saving Hope ‪Season 4‬ ... he is shocked to find that Kristine has died from a stroke. Things get a little weird for Alex after a young boy she treated draws a picture of Charlie in his wedding tuxedo. It will not be without its turmoil, but they’ve just gotten together so we’ll explore that first rush of a relationship and what it means for two busy doctors–one whose family is away, and one who is Chief of Surgery–to manage a new relationship together. Bring Katz back!! It’s only Maggie who doesn’t ended up with someone, YET! Charlie became a father to Luke Harris. If it was the last episode of the whole thing we designed it–with Charlie narrating and the tux–to have this feel of coming full circle, but then with a bit of a turn in it when we knew we were coming back. SHE IS WAY TOO “DRAMATIC” AND A TOTAL BITCH. Saving Hope: Hope Never Dies with Commentary. Its on tuesday at11:00 pm. I’m dying to know when ION will start season 5. Bring Gavin back for Maggie, reveal baby Luke’s father, and let Dawn and Zach get happily married. Charlie notices her and takes her pulse and says she is in afib. Do you believe in ghosts? Fans react to Saving Hope‘s series finale, Part 3. Thank you so much for asking about the character of Sydney! Saving Hope will return for Season 5 in Fall 2016. He is able to see the living, the dead and those who are in between realms. The doctors of Hope Zion struggle to save their lives, while also dealing with the chaos of a mass casualty incident. Please clear this up for me. SAVING HOPE CHARLIE ENCOUNTERS SOMEONE WHO CAN SEE HIM IN THE HOSPITAL, SAVING HOPE CHARLIE WATCHES AS THEY PREPARE TO DO SURGERY ON HIM, SAVING HOPE ALEX GOES TO SEE CHARLIE IN A COMA. Fearing he will lose his ability after treatment, Charlie postpones his surgery to help Kris cross over. Dr. Joel Goran, was the new orthopedic surgeon at Hope Zion. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, he stepped down, giving his position to Dawn Bell, after deciding to go to court when a malfunctioning hip piece killed one of his patients. No real clarification on tne genetic Dad. Tne way people talk here, Season 4 has already aired in Canada. Can we expect more bliss from them as we head into next season? I want happy ending for Maggie with Katz…. I have to dvr it. At this point we don't see the ceremony but we know they are married as Charlie , Alex and Luke are on their way up north to start their honeymoon. Along with newly arrived star surgeon, Joel Goran Alex races to save Harris' life. Jump to. Having worked in medicine I enjoy watching the surgeries (sorry). Saving Hope’s fifth and final season begins tonight immediately after where season 4 left off. What did you think of the Saving Hope finale? Saving Hope Series Finale “Hope Never Dies” Recap. I can’t believe I’m confused. Instead, Charlie dies. Someone else needs to be accidentally hit. The series stars Erica Durance and Michael Shanks.The show's premise originated with Malcolm MacRury and Morwyn Brebner, who are both credited as creators and executive producers. Alex Reid, a doctor whose fiancé, Dr. Charles Harris, is in a coma after a car accident while on his way to their wedding. AP: Yes, he does remember because there’s a look right when he wakes up where he looks at Charlie and you get the sense that he and Charlie have a moment. AP: Yes and yes. Season 4 has aired in Canada. Glad that the Dawn/Zach got together…. Please don’t split them up again. Please do not take either Charlie or Alex off the show – both great! I watch it on ion tv. With Erica Durance, Michael Shanks, Benjamin Ayres, Julia Chan. She made this pact to keep him alive that she didn’t honor and then this horrible thing happened that Alex might attribute to the fact that she didn’t keep up her end of the bargain. TTVJ: In removing Charlie’s tumor there’s a risk that he’ll lose his abilities. So excited!! They’ve never made it to the altar without something horrible happening. Meanwhile, Maggie (Julia Taylor Ross) may still be unlucky in the love department, but seems to be doing well professionally after sharing a fellowship award with Alex. I love the main characters. I LOVED the finale & think this show was wrapped up beautifully. The TV Junkies: Last year’s season finale was such a shocker. So who got shot by a vengeful Tom Crenshaw? When he was in a coma in season 1 he astral projected so he basically became a ghost after he woke up he had the ability to see ghosts / astral projectors. Charlie died in the Series 5 finale after being pronounced brain dead after a car accident. On the way to their honeymoon, Alex and Charlie are called to the scene of a bus accident. In Season 2, episode 10 Luke, Alex's brother, dies and Charlie decides to tell Alex that he is able to see people on the other side. Susan I love the show. We first see Alex looking a little bit out of breath at the lobby of Hope-Zion. And I’m so excited what will be the other spirits and encounter that Charlie will be having. Also after the birth, Charlie and Alex get back together. P,ease tell me this: Washinton, DC, Eastern time zone,we just finished the season where Joel has died. In Wednesday night’s Season 3 finale of the CTV medical drama show Joel was killed off during one of the episode’s final scenes, in which he pulled a … Saving Hope is a Canadian television supernatural medical drama that debuted on the CTV and NBC networks simultaneously on June 7, 2012. They however end up in a car crash, after which Charlie enters a coma and is then able to live in the supernatural realm. Posted on December 3, 2015 by Vanessa Ho in Saving Hope, TV Recaps // 1 Comment Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin and Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris It is too bad that CTV released the synopsis for episode 12 “Shine a Light”, its Christmas episode ahead of tonight’s episode. Saving Hope. Season 4 of Saving Hope literally ended with a bang on Sunday night as an unexpected visitor made a surprise visit. In episode 12 of the same season, Alex suggests that they get married and not wait, but he leaves Alex sitting at the bench. *** Warning: This article contains spoilers about the Season 4 finale of Saving Hope. With Erica Durance, Daniel Gillies, Huse Madhavji, Julia Chan. We should all have a doctor as kind as Alex. Episode #85 — Hope Never Dies Alex, Charlie, and Luke get into a car accident after a heroic moment, throwing their whole family into peril. So yes, for a little while. In "Saving Hope," when charismatic Chief of Surgery Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) at Hope-Zion Hospital ends up in a coma, he leaves the hospital in chaos -- and his fiancée and fellow surgeon, Alex Reid (Erica Durance), in a state of shock. We would love for her to be on the show. But lets get started with our last recap of season 2. How hot was he? Is Season 5 the right time for her to find some happiness, and are there any plans to try to get Sydney (Stacey Farber) to return as part of that? So yes, he does remember that he told Charlie in the spirit world that he wouldn’t forget. Created by Morwyn Brebner, Malcolm MacRury. Adam Pettle: We are always conceiving the end of the season not knowing whether the show is going to get ordered or not. Just started following the show…. Just watched Tom shoot someone. Looking forward to SEASON 5!! It’s going to amp up and not go the other way. So, the season that just ended showed Alex with her new baby and the assumption Charlie would be Dad with Joel gone. They will both be at Hope Zion next year. I think her chemistry with Maggie is wonderful and there’s so much possibility for great storytelling there. Welcome to the OFFICIAL Saving Hope YouTube channel! TTVJ: I noticed that Tom referred to Alex as Charlie’s wife, but I don’t think I saw a ring on her finger. Let’s get to it. I love the show ,but Alex is annoying omg …. She is mostly seen dressing in a doctor's attire and lab coats. As for who did he shoot, I don’t know if I want to say that. During his coma he fights pneumonia and other diseases, but he is however, unable to find out why he is not waking up from his surgery. Is that correct? by Bell Media *** Warning: This article contains spoilers about the Season 4 finale of Saving Hope.. could’nt Maggie have better luck with the psychiatrist even though Gavin didn’t work out?

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