skyrim kesh the clean won t talk

This bug is fixed by version 2.0.4 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. all of my random encounters were afflicted refugees, I got them at least 10 times in a row while wandering to all of the spawning points I remembered. Spellbreaker: Kesh the Clean at the Shrine of Peryite will not give you the quest before Lv12. Male Location. I have not done the quest yet, so I will check it out on PC v 1.4 when I get to it. Talk to Kesh the Clean a Khajit that is the Shrine of Pyrite (. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. My guess is that there are no actual apparitions or manifestations of animals or people when you're on the fumes; those that players might see are just their followers or possibly Kesh. If you are at least level ten, he will give you the list of items you need in order to speak with Peryite, and thus begin the Daedric quest The Only Cure. I know this because I enjoyed doing it so I saved a file specifically for the quest. Just an observation: there's a silver vein just a bit downhill from the Peryite shrine. Travel there and talk to Kesh the Clean and continue with the quest The Only Cure. After you talk to him, type setstage MQ202 160 and setstage MQ202 170 in the console, it'll open the door and make him talkative again. data in your hard drive against files in Steam cloud. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 08:25 on February 26, 2012, In the boss fight with Orchendor, I "hit" him with the Sanguine Rose (When I released the button to summon my daedra, the crossheir was on him) as he started teleporting. I already had all 4 items in my inventory, and the 4 corresponding objectives were immediately marked completed. I didn't receive Spellbreaker as suggested by the guide. FUS RO DAH! 18:48, 17 December 2011 (UTC), Both the vampire dust and the deathbell are spawned in your home in Riften after getting the alchemy upgrade. I got the achievement without getting Mace of Molag Bal. Many of these artifacts including Mehrune's Razor, Hircine's Ring and… I simply chose to help him without choosing any other dialog selections. After reloading, I did ask Kesh for permission, and I got it. Inside however all of the chests are still empty that I looted, all the NPCs are still dead, and all the items I've dropped are still there. Help . So I think, ok, that’s weird, oh well, I’ll just teleport to Markarth and buy another. For anyone having problem with achievement: I collected all the artifacts just by mistake I read Oghma Infamous. Immidiately after that, the visual and sound effects for teleporting and conjuring played about 10 times in 1 second. 6:33 PM 30, Dec 2011. It is only visible to you. please help. Try killing Kesh … Khajiit Gender. I’m going to hit a mine and see what happens next. Upon finding the shrine, Northeast of Markarth, the Dragonborn should speak to Kesh the Clean. and I have them, and the quest marker is telling me to go to Kesh to "deliver the ingredients" but when I talk to him, there is no a speech option to give them to him. This wouldn't bode well in a Bioware game where realistic and well-developed characters are paramount. When I did this quest, I saw a ghostly dog sitting to the shrine's right, which barked a few times during my conversation with Peryite. - Only thing I won't accept is if my mod would be used for paid modding projects. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),, If you fail to get one, there is still a chance: the mission, Regardless of your choice, you will be transported into the. So it seems that waiting for the "Afflicted Refugee" to show up will be the only way to start the quest without console. The first time I asked him I went through the dialog choices and made sure to ask about my reward. Some of these will lead to fascinating quests in the name of Daedric Lords in which you will be rewarded nicely with Daedric Artifacts. You still have to smelt it, though. Although his response is the same upon quest completion, and likely scripted only one way, I got no reward after completing the dungeon. After all, finishing these quests always ends in you receiving a one-of-a-kind daedric artifact of power. Wait for him to try to talk to Mehrunes, and unsuccessfully try to talk to him yourself (on the altar). EDIT: Looks like it was a bug, a save and load fixed it.— Unsigned comment by (talk) at 13:37 on 3 December 2011, Flawless ruby is easy to find. Return to talk, To make it reaches its maximum power, kill someone you trust or a mate (try doing that in. Kill all the other cultists (if you have not already done so), and speak again with Boethiah. His teleport is scripted, not a spell, so it happens whether he can cast spells or not. He has no elemental resistances (and doesn't need them). Kesh the Clean. Kesh the Clean asks for a few ingredients first. The quest "Find Kesh etc" gets completed. Enter the cave, kill Sinding and take your skin. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 00:49 on 31 December 2011, The article says High elf but the character page says Bosmer Blackdemon 14:48, 5 January 2012 (UTC), Whenever I enter the Lower District, the cell doesn't load and I keep on falling through empty space and then warping back up to the door. Then, I try to talk to him to further the quest but he says idle NPC talk that don't let you get in a dialogue like "Need something? Kesh doesn't let me talk to him I find Kesh at the Peryite Shrine. I can find absolutely no reason it should happen, so I'm wondering if it's a one-off or something related to the journal being almost empty rather than this quest specifically. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. FUS RO DAH! What we are doing in here is to compare the master file (Skyrim.esm, Update.esm ect.) If you wish, kill all the cultists to continue the quest normally. I managed to kill him anyway by standing next to one of the spots he was teleporting to and spammed mele attacks. He just keeps saying he doesn't hear well. After that (nearly?) The Shrine to Peryite is located in the Reach, far to the northeast of Markarth. Talk to Kesh The Clean instead of clicking the button. Then, for the rest of the fight he did nothing but teleport around the room extremely rapidly. (I will do it having all the ingredients before starting the quest, and after starting it at a couple of points.) So on the Special Edition version of Skyrim. On the clifftop above Druadach Mountains above Karthwasten lies a Shrine to Peryite, Bringer of Pestilence. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim features an elaborate web of questlines. You may still continue the quest without ever losing the items, although you must have them in your inventory while speaking to kesh to have the specific dialogue option available to advance the quest. Otherwise, the quest objective telling you to deliver the ingredients to Kesh will fail to appear.". Was anybody able to start the quest without having DA13Intro ?--Alfwyn 19:53, 8 December 2011 (UTC), Krusty asked me to do him a favor, and see what happened when I talked to Kesh at level 11 and level 12. (consider it a modding resource) - Crediting me would be appreciated. Enter the temple, and enable all the crystals around the place to guide light. Find Kesh at the Peryite Shrine The Dragonborn can then either kill the afflicted or allow them to continue on their way, the location of the Shrine to Peryite having been added to the map. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. 22:35, 14 December 2011 (UTC), Have all of the ingredeants yet there is no dialogue option to give them to kesh even though the quest marker tells me to go directly to him --J.J.-Lopez 22:12, 16 December 2011 (UTC), (←) If anyone can share their experiences about this issue, noting the version of your game or date (or approximate date), it will be helpful. I proceed to do just that, expecting the quest to update the moment I buy the silver, but no such luck. My silver ingots just get gobbled up!! A Khajiit named Kesh has offered to help me commune with Peryite. When saving Barbas, it will disappear and will be added to the statue. Once you have access to your inventory, drop the items you want to keep. Logical Zebra (talk) 20:32, 23 January 2014 (GMT), Has anyone else had the "Find Kesh" pre-quest disappear from their journal? Minor Edits 22:14, 29 November 2011 (UTC). really wanna finish this quest – Robin Hood  (talk) 05:31, 17 March 2014 (GMT), This does not appear to be true - the dungeon may not respawn, but the bodies certainly seem to disappear, at least for me; mid-way through the quest I went back to my house in Solstheim to drop off the loot I'd accumulated on this and some previous missions, and there were no bodies when I returned (I have the USKP installed, however - I don't *think* that changes things, but it may). Skyrim Technical Support: Having technical problems with Skyrim? At this point I think I'm just going to try doing a clean install and see if that works. FUS RO DAH! Wraithchilde (talk) 23:41, 3 February 2016 (UTC). Kesh the clean wants to talk about Peryite. Report Orchendor’s death to Peryite, who rewards you will Spellbreaker (the magic-eating shield of fiery doom). The only thing I can possibly think of that bugged this is that at the end when I confronted Orchendor and killed him, it did the animation for me to decapitate him; He dropped to his knees and I severed his head with my two Steel Waraxes. Talking with him at 11 did not enter the dialogue menu and I could not start the quest, I had not been attacked by Afflicted. Kesh the Clean {{{extra}}} Race. Just kill some giants. Prerequisite. Please see the. The Prince of pestilence, Peryite, has a quest for players to embark on, should they choose. Sanguine's Rose: Sam Guevenne is not necessarily in Ivarstead - as soon as you hit Lv14, he will appear in the Inn of the nearest town where you hit Lv14. If you talk to Kesh while he is creating the incense, you may not get the next quest update. All mods i have installed are Live Another Life, SKYUI, SKSE, and USLEEP patch from Nexus. Post it here and we might be able to help you! If I use the cheat, can I get the achivment? and I have them, and the quest marker is telling me to go to Kesh to "deliver the ingredients" but when I talk to him, there is no a speech option to give them to him. Kesh the Clean, a Khajiit spellsword, is a worshipper of Peryite who can be found at the Shrine to Peryite. completed boetia long time ago. While there are only 15 quests in the game you can technically earn 16 artifacts due to a bug in the end of one quest. Try killing Kesh and looting the four ingredients back from his … Sign In. After that, follow the hall to the head, look at the dialogue between them, and then take them out, and watch the ritual at the altar. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. I'm in the same boat on my game. A guide that will teach you how to find all the daedric artifacts and get the Oblivion Walker Achivement. This may be caused by asking Kesh for permission to commune with Peryite. Exit the cave, Hircine will appear and again, presenting you the Savior's Hide for killing Sinding. He will answer you, and order you kill Sillus. You also get this abandoned house at the end of the mission, then all the items you store it never will disappear. DON'T CLICK THIS! All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Depending on what part of the quest you are on, there seem to be a few different options on how to proceed. Go through the door, which is hidden in the pantry, and try to open it. Once these items have been obtained, the Dragonborn should talk to Kesh again to have him make the incense. so I'm playing Skyrim right now, and I'm having a problem on the quest The Only Cure. Walkthrough. I'm in the same boat on my game. This page was last modified on 7 June 2019, at 00:23. Travel to Shrine to Peryite.Talk to Kesh the Clean and he will tell you to bring him the following items: . It should be noted that yes, on my map Bthardamz is marked "Cleared". I just finished Peryite's quest, without talking to Kesh when I got back, and I didn't get the Spellbreaker. The second time I didn't want to listen to him since his speech contains an excess of dramatic pauses. But I accidentally exited out during the speech and it became bugged-- I couldn't do anything and there were no dialog choices. The Only Cure. After restarting before a final dialog, you will be awarded the Mask of Clavicus Vile. This quest was completed when coming near the shrine and Kesh would speak to me, and I could start the quest. Is it possible that decapitating him, or possibly turning him to ashes as well, will prevent the dungeon from respawning ever again? You don't loose any files from your list. It stopped after I visited Kesh and thus advanced the quest. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 03:01 on 25 June 2012, The article says "Note that if you already have some or all of these items in your inventory, you will have to drop them after Kesh tells you to collect them, and then pick them back up. All rights reserved. Walkthrough. When you find Kesh the Clean (tending to his alchemy lab) you can ask him about Peryite and if you can talk to the deity. Follow him throughout the cave, you'll find some giants and you will eventually reach the, To start this mission, ask by rumors in the, With the key, go through the door marked by arrow mission to an abandoned part of the castle. Was located northwest of the village of Karthwasten, and south of Crater Dragontooth If you do not know any of these locations, it is far from Markarth, north-east facing). According to UESP, Blood on the Ice can bug in such a way that even the console cannot force it to start. He will tell you that your child is with a dark personality, and ask you to go see WHAT can do. Wait for him to try to talk to Mehrunes, and unsuccessfully try to talk to him yourself (on the altar). Shrine to Peryite : Contains. Some of these will lead to fascinating quests in the name of Daedric Lords in which you will be rewarded nicely with Daedric Artifacts. (PC) Use the console command setstage da13 21 to bypass Kesh not creating the incense. It could make it hard to kill him if this happens with any frequency to other people. He will walk over and continue the quest without ever receiving them. This article on the Elder Scrolls Wiki would suggest that it is possible to complete the quest even after killing Kesh. All of this appears to be false, at least on xbox. He - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: Hi all, first post. Endorsements. After all dead (including the Dragon Priest at the end), Soon, the voice of Namira will appear, and after a final dialog, you will be presented with the, Drink until you fall drunk and wake up in the. Kesh has told me to bring him the 4 ingredients. Any ideas on how to fix this? Molag will instruct you to torture until he Logrof his redemption. Gamepedia. "The Only Cure" is, unfortunately, one of the dullest quests you will find in Skyrim. I am on the 360. Walk around until you pass out and wake up inside the. I don't know if any other homes provide these items, but it may be a good thing to look into. - Bethesda - For Skyrim and making it moddable - The entire modding community - For being awesome <3 Permissions: - You can freely use, edit and change the mod as you like. please help. You just need to farm a bit. To start this mission, hear rumors in the tavern of Whiterun (. Open the world map and look for Bthardamz to establish that it's west from your current location (screen above). FUS RO DAH! 00013291 000198AB Kharag gro-Shurkul. On this page of TES V: Skyrim World Atlas is the first group of locations (points 1-18) from the sixth sector of the world map.Namely the Western part of the world.Our tutorial lists all possible locations to discover and their unusual qualities (for example, the link …

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